Prayer ~ It’s a Gift


During Lent I took a break from my normal blogging. I wanted to spend time studying and learning about Jesus. My desire was to dig deeper into Jesus’ life here on earth.

Now that Lent is over, I plan to return to my original blogging schedule. I plan to take one verse a week use it in each blog for that week. I will go back to Prayer posts on Wednesday and Parenting posts on Thursday using the verse for the week.

This week’s verse is, “They all joined together constantly in prayer, along with the women and Mary the mother of Jesus, and with his brothers.” (Acts 1:14 NIV)

As I read through the story of Jesus during Lent I watched as the disciples ate with Him and witnessed His miracles. I felt their sadness when Jesus was crucified and their joy when He returned to them. After Jesus’ death, they were afraid and hid themselves. They didn’t know what to do next. But now, reading the first chapter of Acts, they are unafraid.

They began to live the life God had for them. They went from hiding to preaching the very words that had Jesus killed. They didn’t become bold overnight. I believe their time of prayer was responsible for this change in attitude. They stuck together praying constantly.

Prayer brings us back to the throne of God. It’s safe there. It also helps us reign in our emotions, expectations and selfish desires. When we go before God, our courage is increased, our determination is strengthened and our will becomes His will. Prayer is the gift God gives us so we can communicate our every thought with Him. He also gives us friends who pray with us and for us.

The disciples came full circle. They spent a lot of time in prayer when Jesus walked with them. Then they lost their way and started looking at their circumstances. But in the end, Jesus brought them back to prayer building their bond with each other and with Him. Interestingly, this same cycle occurs in our lives as well.

Thank you Jesus, for the gift of prayer. Thank you for people who love us enough to pray with us and for us. May we be found faithful bringing our needs before you and praying constantly. Amen

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