“Be devoted to one another in brotherly love. Honor one another above yourselves.” (Romans 12:10)

I’ve been thinking a lot this week and writing very little. I’ve been thinking about the people God has put in my life. Some are family. Some are friends. Some are acquaintances. Some are just nuisances. Now, I pray for each of the people in my life at some time or another. Some people, like my family, I pray for each day. I pray a special blessing over them as well as protection. I ask God to give them hearts to follow Him. And if they are struggling with something such as sickness or sin, I pray for healing. Each and every day I pray for them for they are the most important people in my life.

Next, I pray for my extended family and close friends. Again I pray for whatever need I am aware of. I ask God’s blessing over them and pray protection over them. They are important to me, so I pray blessings over them. Following those prayers, are acquaintances. Acquaintances are people that are sporadic in my life. My relationship with them is not necessarily considered a friendship, but they are people that God puts into my life. So, I pray for them as I feel led. After all we are supposed to bear one another’s burdens. We are supposed to lift those in the family of Christ up. And at times, God will lay someone on my heart to pray for. I may not have a close relationship and I may never know how God blessed them. But still I pray.

Then we have the nuisances. These are people I wish were not in my life. They are the people that push my buttons. They are the people that annoy me. They are the people I don’t trust and wonder why I have to deal with them. I noticed something interesting about the prayers I pray for them. They are different from the others I pray. These prayers are for me, not them. They are not prayers of blessing and protection. They are prayers that I will not be hindered by their actions of comments. They are prayers that God will give me a heart to love them. They are prayers that God will put His hand over my mouth so I won’t offend them. I thought it was interesting that my prayers turned from being for another person to being for me. Instead of praying for God’s best for them, I have been praying that I would not trip up and act in a manner unworthy of God.

I think this is pride. I have not wanted to act like they do. I have not wanted to screw up because then I might have to apologize to someone who doesn’t deserve it. In fact, many of my prayers are for my heart to be right and to love them. So today, I was thinking that I really don’t love those that annoy me. I really don’t have their best interest at heart. I care more about myself in these relationships than I do about them. I am more concerned about screwing up than about their relationship with God. It has been very convicting because I realize that I have put myself above someone else. I have decided, in my heart, that the person who annoys me doesn’t deserve God’s best. I have decided that I am more important than a person I consider to be a nuisance.

So, my post today doesn’t have any big spiritual revelation. It’s just a reminder that when we pray for a heart that pleases Him, we need to remember to love those He has created. We don’t need to just tolerate them. We don’t need to just get by without confrontation. We need to honestly and wholeheartedly pray blessings and protection over those we consider to be nuisances. This will be a tough one for me. But I wonder if those I consider to be nuisances will change because I have changed from focusing on myself and my pride to focusing on them and God’s best for them. We’ll see.

2 thoughts on “Nuisances

  1. Sometimes when I pray, it’s more like a conversation with God. And yes, I still pray for my exhusband, exboyfriend. Not as often as I use to, but I do. Blessings to you Lori ❤


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