The Journey Home


It’s been a while since I took the time to sit and write. We traveled to visit family this summer and returned with only one week before beginning the new school year. I’ve missed my time praying, pondering and waiting for the Lord to speak to my heart. I’ve been thinking of this post for a couple of weeks though. I hope you enjoy it.

Our journey to return home was not as we had anticipated. We hoped for light traffic. We wished for dry weather. Unfortunately, our expectations were shattered with the heaviest traffic we had ever experienced on a trip. When the traffic cleared, we were met with torrential downpours. It was slow going for much of the journey home but we stayed the course. We finished, even if it was a few hours later than we had planned.

God doesn’t always answer our prayers in our time. Sometimes, His answer comes later. A few years ago I read Crazy Love by Francis Chan. It was a book challenging readers to step out of comfort to work diligently for the Lord. At the time I prayed. I asked God to show me. I continued to serve where I was but I wanted more. The thing is, it’s now three years later and I finally see what God wants me to do. I’m joining a ministry that brings the gospel into public schools. Several months ago, my church asked for volunteers and I knew this was where God wanted me. But why did God wait three years to answer?

You see, four years ago, I put two of my children into public school. I had home schooled them but they wanted to go to school. I knew the Lord had been prompting me to send them but I didn’t want to obey. I reluctantly gave in and it has proven to be one of the biggest blessings of our lives. When they first started, I went and had lunch with them at school. They were allowed to invite two friends to join us. They became popular and I became the “Cool Mom”. But that wasn’t what God had in mind. He was working in my heart developing a love for the children. As I sat and listened to their stories, I saw how precious they were. I never expected God to use this situation to grow a burden to share Jesus.

At the time of my prayer, I couldn’t understand why God wouldn’t use me if I was so willing. Now I see that He was preparing me. Thinking back on our journey home, it reminded me there is a purpose in the slow traffic. There is a reason for the torrential downpours. If there is a delay, it is because God ordained it. And we will get to our destination precisely when the Lord determines.

I will send you rain in its season, and the ground will yield its crops and the trees their fruit. (Lev. 26:4 NIV)