Imperfection is a Blessing!


For you have been bought with a price: (1 Cor. 6:20a)

I’m not much of a jewelry person but I know diamonds are considered a precious stone. They are pretty. They sparkle. They can be used to cut glass, I think. Maybe that only happens in the movies. Regardless, people pay a lot of money for those little rocks. In fact, people look for the perfect, flawless diamond. Those are the most desired and come with the highest price tag.

I found this scripture in an old note I wrote about 5 years ago. The note went on to talk about bargains and how I love a good bargain. I refuse to pay full price for anything. I will put up with a little flaw, stain or smudge if it will give me a good product for a reduced price. I’m not looking for perfection if it means I have to pay a higher price. I’m all about saving a few bucks. Thankfully, God isn’t a cheapskate like me.

He paid the highest price possible because He wants to have a relationship with us. He wanted to make a way for us to come to Him because He wants to be in our lives. He wants to comfort us in our sorrows and celebrate the joyous occasions. And He wants us even with our flaws.

I am incredibly appreciative God loves me and my imperfections. In fact, the flaws we have make us more precious to Him. He wants to be our strength when we are weak. He wants to be our comfort when life is unbearable. He wants to wrap His loving arms around us when we are without hope. He loves us especially with our flaws. And He paid the maximum cost so He could have a relationship with us.



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