A Change of Heart


“Thank you Lord that we have a roof over our heads. Thank you for the food on the table. Thank you for giving us all that we need and also things we want. Amen.” Those were some words Jonah, my 12-year-old prayed last night. My hubby looked athim and asked, “Where did that come from?” I just smiled.

Last week, Jonah was arguing the point that if I were to go and get a job, we could afford more stuff. He was specifically thinking of a video game console along with games and a cell phone. I guess I have used, “We can’t afford it,” as my standard answer when he asks for something. This time we had a discussion about wants and needs. Apparently, it made an impression because last night his prayer was one of thankfulness rather than requests.

Jonah didn’t get to this opinion overnight. He obviously spent some time thinking about our talk. We talked about why I stay home and how important it is to and his Dad and me. We also talked about what we do have. For some, it may not seem like much but when we started to look at what we had, he saw we did have more than we needed. His opinion didn’t change just because I said so. It was altered because our discussion went to the heart.

Transformation doesn’t happen the instant we are saved. These things take time. They take work. Mostly they require a spirit willing to learn. Some lessons are painful and humbling. Others come through scripture or a sermon. But the idea is that change happens gradually. We can’t expect a lifetime of bad habits to disappear because we follow Jesus. He gently takes one at a time and shows us what He desires for that area of our lives.

Let God take the time He needs to work in your heart. He doesn’t expect perfection, only a teachable heart. It will happen.

But if we hope for what we do not yet have, we wait for it patiently. In the same way, the Spirit helps us in our weakness. (Romans 8:25-26 NIV)

And for the record, I fully expect Jonah to continue to ask for stuff. Only now, I won’t tell him we can’t afford it, I’ll ask him if we really NEED it. He’s already working up a plan to save his own money for any “wants” he might have:)


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