Parenting~Letting Go

Angels Unseen by: Ron DiCianni

Angels Unseen by: Ron DiCianni

The man who had died came out, his hands and feet bound with linen strips, and his face wrapped with a cloth. Jesus said to them, “Unbind him, and let him go.” (John 11:44 ESV)

Today is the last day of school for two of my children. My son that attends public school will be finished next week. It’s a time of celebration and a time to look back over the last year. As always, we have had our ups and downs and we have survived another year.

This week in particular has been a busy week. One child had an awards ceremony and concert. Another had orientation because he’s taking college classes next semester. And the third had tryouts for soccer. We have been running all week and I am exhausted. But it’s a good kind of exhaustion. This year in particular, my kids have thrived where they were. Oh don’t get me wrong, they have had their struggles. We have had our conflicts. I have had to be the “mean mom” and push them but I have to admit, I’m proud of their accomplishments.

Parenting kids at this age can be tricky. You want them to become more independent, but are afraid they will make poor choices. Let’s be honest here, they will make stupid decisions. But that isn’t the end of the world. You see, God takes those bad choices and teaches them. We don’t like to see our kids suffer the consequences. We take it as a reflection of our parenting skills. Our greatest fear is for our children to fail miserably for the whole world to see. This fear propels us to control every situation that touches their lives. We are afraid, so we hold them back.

I was reminded this week of God’s love for my children. We walked through difficult circumstances but God led us. He didn’t leave us hanging. He offered wisdom, guidance and a whole lot of grace. I am letting go of control a little at a time. Sure, I still have to push them. Yes, I hold them accountable. But mostly, I work to encourage them. They are going to fail but I don’t want them to quit. I want them to endure. I want them to pick themselves up when they fall and move on with their new found wisdom.

Keep praying for your children and let them go into God’s hands. He will take good care of them.


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