Was Jesus a Rebel?


jesushealsAnd He was saying to them, “The Son of Man is Lord of the Sabbath.” (Luke 6:5 NASB)

The season of Lent has thrown me into the gospels. I have been reading them every day spending time looking intently at Jesus’ life. How did He act? Who did He spend His time with? I have intentionally been studying His ways and His words. I’ve come to see Jesus in a different light.

Reading over the words describing Jesus’ life has shown me His heart. He honestly cared for people. He dined with sinners, associated with prostitutes and spoke to outcasts. Each time He interacted with the “least of these” He offered them something. He gave health to the sick. He gave forgiveness to the sinner. He gave life to the dead. Over and over Jesus offered love and respect to those the Pharisees deemed useless. The thing that caught my attention was the fact that many of his miracles happened on the Sabbath.

Jesus didn’t let the laws of the day prevent Him from performing miracles. A part of me wondered if He was healing on the Sabbath just to irritate the Pharisees. I’m sure that wasn’t His motivation but it sure did make them look ridiculous. They used the law to imprison and judge people. Jesus came to set the captives free. The Pharisees took from the people while Jesus gave.

What do we see when we look at people? Do we only see their sin or someone needing love? Do we see things through our own hurts and destroyed expectations or through eyes of grace?

Jesus went against the socially accepted way of life. He continually associated with the needy. He went against the religious authority of the day and offered grace. His followers were numerous because He redeemed the imperfect. So the question is asked, “Was Jesus a rebel”? Yes, I believe He was.


3 thoughts on “Was Jesus a Rebel?

  1. I agree. Likewise, if we are truly following Christ, then we are rebels against society, against the way of the world, against the way of other “Christians” who find themselves more comfortable in this world, than Jesus did.


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