Damaged Goods

applesI was a bit discouraged when I saw the limited number of apples in the apple bin. They hadn’t replenished the supply for the day. I knew most of the apples left behind were tainted and I refuse to pay for damaged fruit. I picked through them one by one with care. Any bruised or blemished apples were returned and the search continued. Only those apples that met my approval made it into my cart.

Sometimes when life is going along seamlessly, I find myself being picky about people. I begin to poke at the flaws in others. My heart begins to harden and I forget that each person is a creation of God. I spend time looking at their bumps and bruises while failing to see them as a treasure.

And when the Pharisees saw this, they said to his disciples, “Why does your teacher eat with tax collectors and sinners?” (Matt. 9:11 ESV)

Jesus always went to the damaged and bruised. He healed the sick, spoke to outcasts and dined with sinners. He did not disassociate with people because they sinned. In fact, that’s what drew Him to them. He knew they were desperate for salvation. He knew they were beaten down by the religious and self-righteous. And He knew they needed a Savior.

Jesus healed both physically and mentally. He knew the bruises people carried made them more humble. Those were the people He spent time with. He was willing to become an outcast Himself in order to offer grace to the broken. I am eternally grateful Jesus is a Savior willing to pay for damaged goods.

Pondering and praying for God’s grace to shine over those I come in contact with today!

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