Jesus~ An Honored Guest


Whenever I’m expecting company, I make sure the house is clean. I initially clean the rooms we will most likely use but then I meander into the other rooms as well. For me, I’m not so concerned for someone to see my mess as much as I want my home to feel inviting. I want others to come in and feel comfortable and even cherished. My desire is to offer a place where visitors feel at home.

Our quiet time with the Lord is an occasion when we sit quietly and talk with our Savior. It’s a time to share our pains as well as desires. It seems my most open times with the Lord are the times I begin with confession. Asking the Lord to bring to light my sins is a surprisingly liberating experience. I find my time with Him is more meaningful because I’ve allowed Him to expose my heart. A more intimate relationship grows because God convicted and wiped away secret and not-so-secret sins.

I believe confession not only releases us but it invites Jesus in as our guest. We can sit down and enjoy our moments together without anything standing between us. It shows Him we care about our hearts and want to take care of them. And it shows the Lord He is an honored guest and we would do anything to make Him feel at home.

If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. (John 1:9 ESV)


3 thoughts on “Jesus~ An Honored Guest

  1. Good thoughts. I confess it’s easy to side-table that part of my quiet time. Much easier to jump into my requests, great admonishment. I need to do more of this. Thanks for sharing


    • Thanks Maya. I guess I had a week filled with confessions and I was so liberated by them. I need to practice that more too!!
      Thank you for reading and commenting!!


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