Prayer ~ Lifelong Lesson


You guide me with your counsel,     

and afterward you will take me into glory.

(Psalm 73:24 NIV)

As I thought about this verse today I thought over the years of walking with the Lord. I thought about the times I clearly heard His voice and followed. I also thought about the times I desired something so desperately, I begged Him to grant my petition. With each decision, I learned more about God and about myself.

God offers to guide us through the decision making process. Sometimes, He reveals the bigger picture. But more often than not, He leads us one step at a time. And it seems to me, no matter how many times I’ve followed His lead; there are still times I want to go my own way. I have my own solution to the problem. I know what I want to do.

A deeper relationship with God means giving more of your desires over to Him. The very thing He asks me to trust Him with is the thing I tend to hold dear. When I insist on my own solution it is because I don’t have confidence in His ability. I am afraid to hand it over to Him because I know what I want. However, with each choice I make to follow His counsel, I willingly present Him with another piece of my heart.

I am reading a book about David these days. He was considered a man after God’s own heart. Regardless of David’s victories, there were times in his life he still chose his own path. He still sinned. He still did as he pleased. And yet God continued to love him and lead him.

Being close to God is a process. Each time we are willing to let God guide, we draw closer. And each time we resist, it’s because God is showing us where we lack trust. Learning to follow God even when the path is cloudy is a lifelong lesson.  

Our prayer today is for willing hearts and open minds.


Lead us and guide us. Show us the way. And help us to place those things we hold dear into your capable hands.




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