Power & Unfailing Love

powerOne thing God has spoken,     

two things I have heard: “Power belongs to you, God,

     and with you, Lord, is unfailing love”; and,

“You reward everyone     according to what they have done.”

(Psalm 62:11-12 NIV)

My sister recently told me a story about her grandson. They were riding in the car and she asked him, “Shawn, what does that sign say?” He responded, “Oh Nanny, signs don’t say anything. They can’t talk.” Don’t you love the simplicity of children? They speak the obvious truth.

I thought of that conversation when I read this scripture. I read it wondering what God actually said. David says God spoke one thing but he heard two distinct messages. One was of power; the other was of unfailing love. David’s perception was based on his knowledge of and relationship with God.

Shawn could only respond to my sister’s question based on what he had been taught. His brief three years on this earth, he was continually asked questions. When asked what a cow said, he responded, “Moo”. When asked what a birdie says, he would tweet. This is how we teach little ones and we reinforce it over and over. And I think this same idea is what David is sharing in this Psalm.

I believe David heard messages from God based on what he could understand at the time. He spoke the same message repeatedly to David. Daily, He showed His power and reminded David of his love. David found himself in terrifying situations. He spent many years running for his life. It was obvious David struggled, and doubted and feared. As any good Father, God responded with words of love and acts of strength.

I love the fact that God doesn’t require us to be theologians in order to understand Him. He speaks to us on our level. From the time we step forward to follow Him, He gently guides us. Yes, we often struggle, but He is always there with words of affirmation. He chastens, challenges and inspires us with His words. With and abundance of patience, He repeats Himself to drive His point home. God never changes. We change and grow, but He remains the same. He is always powerful and His unfailing love is everlasting.


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