Parenting ~ Casting Cares


Cast your cares on the Lord and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous be shaken. (Psalm 55:22 NIV)

This has been my verse for the week. Although I’ve not had as much time to write, I have thought about these words all week. I have especially thought about the words, “Cast your cares”. They remind me of fishing (my kids say I’m obsessed). You put your bait on the hook, throw back your pole and cast as far as you can. The bait is suspended in the water hoping to attract a fish.

The thing about fishing that’s so appealing is with every single cast there is hope. There is hope that this cast will achieve a positive outcome. Each time I throw that bait in, my hope is renewed even if I’ve been standing in the same spot for an hour. I think that’s why I have come to love this verse. No matter how many times you cast the same burden on the Lord, it always brings feelings of expectation.

There are certain prayers I pray over and over for my children. The thing I most desire for them is for them to have God rule in their hearts. I want them to run to God when they make decisions, when they are hurt and when they don’t know how to handle things. The best way I know to teach this is to remind them to “cast” their cares. Rather than always giving the answer, sometimes it’s best to offer to pray with them and for them. Let them listen for His voice. And let them make decisions based on what they believe God is leading them to do.

It is very easy for me to make all of the decisions because I don’t want them to fail. By allowing them to make choices for themselves, they will learn to rely on God. Yes, they will stumble and fall on their faces, but the goal is learning, not perfection. And no matter how many times they fail, rest assured, there will be another opportunity to cast a care upon God. Eventually, it will become natural to them.


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