Prayer ~ Opportunities for Investment

prayersMoved with compassion, Jesus touched their eyes; and immediately they regained their sight and followed Him. (Matthew 20:34 NASB)

This week has been a wonderful week for me. I have had the opportunity to spend time with the best friend I have ever had. She is my former neighbor and is 86 years old. She moved away a few years ago to live with her daughter. We still see each other a couple of times a year and since she is visiting with another daughter one town over, we were able to spend time together.

There are so many things I love about Carol. She really is the most Christ-like person I know. You see, people matter to Carol. No matter where she is, whether it be the grocery store or the doctor’s office, she has this ability to make people feel good. She notices them. She engages them in conversation. She genuinely cares for the people who cross her path in everyday life. And she invests in them.

Over the years Carol has helped many people. She invited a pregnant young lady to live with her because she didn’t have anywhere to go. She didn’t know the girl, yet invited her in. She has cried with friends over loss and sat and listened as others shared their struggles. When she can’t be there in person, she listens and prays over the phone. I don’t think there is anything she wouldn’t do for someone. She’s incredibly selfless and generous.

Jesus came to Earth to be a sacrifice. He came to bridge the gap between us and God. But the fact that He came here to be with us deserves some attention. He wanted a relationship with us. Each time we read of Jesus interacting with people, He is building a relationship with them. The woman at the well was an outcast, and yet Jesus sat and talked with her. The woman with the issue of blood who touched His hem hoping for healing, He listened to and blessed. The Pharisee searching for answers to things he didn’t understand, He explained with love and patience. Jesus didn’t just do for people, He spent time with them. He listened. They mattered to Him.

Our prayer focus this week is for opportunities to engage in other’s lives. It’s easy to serve without actually investing ourselves. We can donate money or drop food off at the local food pantry. We can paint a house in a rundown neighborhood or spruce up a local park. All of those things are great acts of service but taking the time to get to know people is important too. I believe that was the heart of Jesus. I’m sure He could have thought up another way to reconcile sinful mankind with a Holy God. But I believe He came because He wanted to know us.


Give us eyes to see people as You see them. We come in contact with so many people each week. Help us to be gracious. Open opportunities for us to share in the lives of others. Show us how to love those who cross our paths.



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