I Know Honey


Rest (Photo credit: bobbybradley)

This school year has been busier than the past. I don’t know if it’s because I’m homeschooling another child or if it’s added activities. I just don’t know, but I find myself longing for Sundays. By Thursday, I’m usually exhausted from the week’s busyness. This morning, Jonah felt the same way. I had a hard time waking him up. When he finally came into the kitchen, I’m convinced his eyes were open but his body was asleep.

I know how that feels. Some days I’m going through the motions but my heart isn’t in it. The first words out of Jonah’s mouth this morning were, “I’m so glad it’s Friday.” My response, “I know honey.” Then he said, “I’m just so tired.” “I know honey,” I said. I get it. I completely understand what it’s like to get up, be tired and have to go about your day when you’d rather just crawl back into bed. Knowing he was moving slowly, I made him breakfast and made his lunch. I only wanted him to worry about getting dressed and heading out. He still had to go to school, but I tried to make his morning a bit easier on him.

As I went through the morning, watching and listening to my child struggle to get ready, I thought about God. I thought about how my Father in heaven understands. He knows when I’m tired. He sees my struggle. And He listens. I still have to move forward with my responsibilities. He doesn’t take them away. But every once in a while He sends some help just to get me moving again. And when I complain to Him, He says, “I know honey.”

He gives strength to the weary, And to him who lacks might He increases power. (Isaiah 40:29 NASB)


4 thoughts on “I Know Honey

  1. Love this post, Lori! Who knows better than Jesus? “Jesus knows all about our struggles . . .There’s not a friend like the lowly Jesus. No, not one, No not one!”


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