Prayer Warrior Wednesday ~ Understanding God’s Purpose


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This morning I drove Jonah to school. He goes in early on Wednesdays because he attends a Fellowship of Christian Athletes meeting. They play games and do a devotional. On our way, he brought up a word he had heard. He knew it was bad and he claims he never says it, but he also didn’t know what it meant. Rather than just tell him not to say it, I explained the word to him. It seems to have more of an impact.After explaining the word, Jonah was kind of grossed out. That’s because it’s a gross word. I took it a little further and asked how someone might feel if they were called that. We are supposed to honor each other and this word would be completely demeaning. By the end of our discussion, Jonah understood the word and he understood the reason we don’t use it.

There are so many times we don’t understand what God is doing. All we see is the problem and that’s where our prayers end. Rather, I think we should be praying for clarity and understanding as we go. Sometimes we are called to move away from a situation. Other times we are called to endure it because in the end, God has something other than our comfort as the goal.

Today’s prayer focus is for understanding. We may never gain complete understanding, but I believe if we ask God to help us, He will. He will show us and guide us to see His purpose.


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