Prayer Warrior Wednesday ~ Courage


Christ in Gethsemane (Christus in Gethsemane),...

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Jonah and I have been talking a lot about his behavior and witness at school. I asked him if his new friend was a Christian and he said he doesn’t know. He said that’s kind of personal. Yesterday I asked him if he was embarrassed to be a Christian. He sheepishly admitted that sometimes he is. He doesn’t mind being different and not engaging in bad behavior but he finds it hard to share his faith.

Jonah is eleven, soon to be twelve and his mom is forty “something”. There are times I find it hard to share my faith. There is the fear of rejection. There is the fear of not fitting in. There is the fear that when someone looks at my life, they won’t see Christ. Instead, they will see my imperfections rather than grace.

Jonah and I will finish our discussion this morning. I’ve been thinking and praying about it. I want him to know that your actions often speak louder than words. What we do and how we treat others is more of a reflection of Christ that words are. I don’t want Jonah to shy away from people because he doesn’t act like them. I want him to act as he should and hopefully those with him will do the same. And I want him to be okay with himself if he has to walk away from a situation. I want that in my own life. I don’t want my words to be empty. I want to accept, encourage and love people as Jesus did.

Today’s prayer focus is for courage. I know there are times I struggle to be bold with my words. There are times I struggle to be bold with my actions. It takes a lot more effort for me to bless someone unexpectedly than to just say I’m praying.

“And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.” (Colossians 3:17 NIV)


Thank you that each person you place in my life is divinely planted from you. Help me to see their need and meet it. Open my ears to hear the promptings of your Spirit that I may be a witness for you.



4 thoughts on “Prayer Warrior Wednesday ~ Courage

  1. Great post with a real world situation. When my kids were that age we did some role playing which turned out to be fun. We also read OT Bible stories. Some of the neighbor kids would come to listen too.


    • Oh how fun. We spend so much time around Christians, but lately (well for the last year or so) I’ve had a real burden for the lost surrounding us. There are so many that need Christ!


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