Prayer Warrior Wednesday


This quote reminded me of something my daughter did a few years ago. It was Christmastime and we were spending it with my family in Connecticut. We had a rough year financially and so Christmas was slim that year. Each year my kids each receive three gifts from their parents. I began this with my first and have continued it over the years. I had always wanted Christmas to be focused on the gift of Christ, not the gifts under the tree. On this particular Christmas, the gifts that I purchased were particularly thoughtful. If I only had a small amount to spend between them, I wanted to spend wisely. So, I bought my twins Bibles. Karoline’s was pink and green. Jonah’s was blue. I was excited to give them to them because it meant they had their very own.

Shortly after my daughter got her Bible, she turned to my niece and said, “Abbey, I might need to use your room so I can read and pray.” At the time I was homeschooling them full time. So every morning, they were required to occupy themselves while I took my quiet time. As you know, if you have little children, it seems as though the enemy does his best work through your kids while you are trying to spend time alone with the LORD. Fights erupt. Things get spilled or broken. The house goes a little crazy simply because of the unseen war that is going on during your time with the God.

I thought of this story this morning because honestly, I pray a lot for my children, but I don’t pray with them as much anymore. When they homeschooled, it was easier. We prayed to begin our day. With our busy schedules and the fact they are gone all day, we don’t make the time to pray anymore. This morning I was gently reminded that this needs to be a priority in our home.

“Bear one another’s burdens, and thereby fulfill the law of Christ.” (Galatians 6:2 NASB)

This is the verse the LORD laid on my heart today. We are called to bear one another’s burdens. Praying for each other is a powerful thing.

My prayer request today is for those who know of God but don’t have a personal relationship. God has placed a person in my family’s life. I am asking God to use me as He would to minister and eventually invite this person and her family to church. I believe God has placed her in our lives for that very reason. Please pray that I would follow His leading and not be tempted to run ahead of Him.

Thank you Lord for hearing us when we call. Thank you for never leaving us without hope. Thank you LORD for the people who have placed into our lives by divine appointment. Help us


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