Mary at the Tomb

English: Jesus resurrected and Mary Magdalene

English: Jesus resurrected and Mary Magdalene (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yesterday I wrote about Mary visiting the tomb of Jesus and Jesus appearing to her. I was mistaken when I said it was Mary the sister of Martha and Lazarus. Mary Magdalene was the Mary who visited the tomb and reported back to the disciples. I apologize from the bottom of my heart for offering the wrong information. I rushed to get the post done when I should have taken my time. I hope you will forgive me. I have the utmost respect for God’s Word and don’t want to misrepresent any of it.

I would like to talk about Mary Magdalene. Some believe she was a former prostitute. Others suggest she was the “sinner” caught in adultery and brought before Jesus. I wrote about this in my post Casting Stones.  I spent some time doing a little (and I mean little) research. And what I found out is that she seems to be misrepresented. I find it to be kind of ironic.

Mary was mentioned fourteen times in the gospels. She was with Jesus during his trial and was at the cross with Mary, Jesus’ mother. There is some evidence she was healed of her “demons”. Some say she was possessed. Others suggest she was healed of epilepsy. I guess the point here is that she was healed. Because she was delivered, she followed Christ as a disciple. She and other women that were healed went with Jesus and His disciples as they traveled. It is believed that Mary was wealthy and provided for the needs of the group as they traveled. And it is believed these women assisted Jesus in spreading the Word. Mary was devoted to Jesus and His ministry.

It is curious to me that she was the first to find her way to Jesus tomb. Perhaps it was her way of grieving. It was there that Jesus came to her. He allowed this woman to be the first to see Him after His resurrection. He gave her the task of telling the disciples.

I only know very little about Mary Magdalene. But I know the most important thing; she was changed because of Jesus. Her deliverance was so profound; she devoted the rest of her life to following Him. How inspiring!

After reading a few articles about Mary, most of which had no biblical basis, I chose to use the facts from an excerpt from All the Women of the Bible posted on


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