Frogs, Snakes and Guarding Your Heart

10 or more frogs

10 or more frogs

For some reason, our pool has attracted more frogs this summer than I can ever remember. Each week we rid our cement pond of dozens of leaping friends. Some survive the whirlpool of the basket while others are have made their way to froggy heaven. Today, we found a small snake in the basket. Have I ever told you I hate snakes? The thought of them makes me shiver…brrrr! So, as any good mother does, I sent my boy out to empty the container.

Frogs and snakes aren’t the only thing we’ve found in our pool this year. I found a dead possum and the boys said they found a mole swimming around one morning. I can’t believe the amount of animals that have made their way to the pool this year. It’s ridiculous. The problem is the screen. It’s torn in some places and honestly, it’s a pain to repair. I’ve done some, my husband’s done some but it’s just a tedious job. However, without the screen, critters creep in. They invade my space (yes the pool area is my space) and cause, well chaos. They need to stay out, but unless I repair the screen, they will continue to find their way in.

Our hearts are the same way. Every so often, ugly things sneak in and when left unchecked, they start to invite other ugly things. I may begin with a smidge of jealousy or a feeling of discontent. It can be about striving for things other than God. It can be something as simple as looking at someone’s life and wishing you had the same relationships, family, really anything. Sometimes we let unforgiveness creep in and that can cause all kinds of havoc in our hearts. Or we simply let apathy spread. It’s easy to get lazy. It can be any number of things trying to grab a hold of our hearts.

 Watch over your heart with all diligence, for from it flow the springs of life. (Proverbs 4:23 NASB)

So, how do we guard our hearts? It seems so simple, but pray. Ask God to reveal any areas in your heart that are offensive to Him. Sit quietly and wait for Him to show you, and then confess. Ask Him to forgive you. Once you ask for forgiveness, receive it. Know that you are forgiven. Finally, stay in the Word. His Word is alive and God often uses it to speak to us. Read it daily. Memorize scripture. Be open to the promptings of the Spirit. Oh the enemy will still try to creep in. And there will be times when he succeeds at distracting us. But know that if you stay in the Word and pray, God will work.

The funny thing about this broken screen is that when it was intact, I had no idea of the things that lurked around in my yard. I knew we had snakes and frogs, but moles and possums? I believe many, many plans of the enemy have been thwarted by our prayers. It would probably frighten us if we knew the number of times he came against us and God defended us.




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