Listen for the Joy


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“And my God will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus.” (Phil. 4:19 NASB)

He picked up the phone when I called. I recognized that voice. It sounded a little weak but there was a joy behind the words. I talked to my Dad yesterday. I try to call once a month or so. This time I was excited to talk to him because I wanted to tell him about my first golf experience. My Dad, before he got sick, was an avid golfer. He worked at a golf course and loved every minute of it. He enjoyed working outside in the sun trimming the grass and enjoying the beauty of the outdoors. And he loves the game of golf. I was excited to talk to him about my first experience.

I could tell my Dad was happy to hear from me. I had called a couple of times last week and didn’t get a hold of him. So, I told him I’d call back and he was waiting. We chatted for a long time catching up on family events. And when we ended the call, I felt good about our conversation. Mainly I felt good that I had spent time talking and listening to my Dad. If you know my Dad, you know I did most of the talking. It reminded me of how my Father in heaven feels when I take the time to talk to Him. He is always waiting for me to make the effort. He’s never angry if it’s been a long time. He simply waits for me to come to Him.

I did spend time with the Lord this morning. I read a devotional and continued on my journey with Joshua to the Promised Land. And I talked to my Father in heaven. After some prayer I opened my Bible up again to find a note I had written a long time ago. It said, “There is always someone standing on the other side of your obedience.” It was tucked into my Bible in the book of Philippians. Then I read, “And my God shall supply all your needs according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus.”  I’ve always heard that verse used as a promise that God would provide for our monetary needs. But my prayer this morning was for a decision. It is something I have prayed about for months with no clear word. This morning the Lord answered back and said He would show me the way. He would provide me with everything I needed to make this decision. It wasn’t an answer to my question, it was a promise to provide one when the time is right.

I encourage you find the time to sit at your Father’s feet. He’s waiting to hear from you because He loves you. And when He responds to your words, listen for the joy in His voice.


2 thoughts on “Listen for the Joy

  1. Sandra Venegas says:

    Lori – this writing touched my heart. My dad passed away Dec. 1985 at the young age of 57. I would love to be able to call and talk about anything with him. Although it’s been 27 years, I still miss him and long to see him again. And, if I endure, I WILL see him for he rededicated his live to Jesus just months before he died…that’s my comfort!! So, I envy you…


    • Thank you Sandra (it’s good to hear from you). I think when we love someone and they love us back, it’s a special thing. Nothing can duplicate it. When it is missing we long for it. How blessed you are to know your Dad is heaven. My Dad was saved several years ago while visiting us. I had forgotten that. Thank you for the reminder.


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