He is My Praise

The Israelites Gather Manna in the Wilderness ...

The Israelites Gather Manna in the Wilderness (illustration from the 1728 Figures de la Bible) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The phone rang as I was going for my daily walk. I looked and smiled because it was my best friend Carol calling. I had called her earlier but she was unavailable because she hadn’t yet finished her morning routine. At 85 years old, she starts her day with the Lord, making Him her first priority. I answered and her voice was cheerful and happy as it always is. We caught up on the families, talked about the pretty weather and finished with prayer requests. She asked me to pray for her daughter who was working hard to quit smoking. She was proud of her and asked if I would join her in prayer.

The thing I love most about Carol is her hopefulness. She shares the stories of her family in a positive light. And when she asks for prayer it’s out of hope, not fear. You see, Carol has lived a lifetime walking with the Lord. She has prayed and God has answered, always. She can look at God’s blessings and know they are good. She remains hopeful in the God who has never forsaken her.

I’ve been reading the account of the Israelites as they left Egypt. They have traveled through the desert being led by Moses. They have built the golden calf, angered Moses and even worse frustrated God. I have reached the place now where God is instructing them before they enter the Promised Land. He is laying out the rules and regulations. He is giving them everything they need to be successful.

It’s not been an easy journey for Israel. They have complained every step of the way. Although they had been set free, they continued to act as slaves. They have chosen to remember the bad instead of the good. They have focused on their need instead of their provision.

I wonder how the story of the Exodus would have read had the Israelites been a positive bunch. I imagine there would have been more praising and less complaining. I think the same would be true in my own life. Like my friend Carol, I long to be as positive and optimistic. I spend too much time asking and not enough time praising. I came across this scripture today, “He is your praise; he is your God, who performed for you those great and awesome wonders you saw with your own eyes.” (Deut. 10:21 NIV)

I think that needs to be my life verse!

Thank you Lord,

You have reminded me of your faithfulness. You have shown me this journey is not always easy but you walk ahead of me guiding, loving and providing. I pray my heart would be filled with hope in you because you have answered my need over and over.



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