Prayer Warrior Wednesday

Wedding rings
Wedding rings (Photo credit: SParadisPhoto)

“He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the Lord.” (Proverbs 18:22 ESV)

I have to say, my husband is such a tremendous blessing to me. He works tirelessly and is almost always in a good mood (which throws me off when he’s not). He’s easy to be married to. I honestly think I got the better deal in this marriage.

This morning we were talking about the difference between men and women. Men are less likely to be directed by their emotions. They are more rational. They can step back from a situation and make more reasonable assumptions. Women are more relational. They are often moved by emotion. They are more easily wounded and less likely to move on after a hurt. Women, in my opinion are the perfect complement to me. They are born with abilities men are not born with. And men are not born with the same emotions as women.

Our discussion turned today to the fact that God puts us together to be one. As a puzzle maker fits together the pieces of a picture, God joins husbands and wives together to present an example of His love to the world. Each partner carries qualities to complement the other. What is lacking in one is compensated by from the other. I truly is a work of art formed and molded by the Creator.

Our prayer focus today is for marriage. I know we’ve focused on this before but I feel it is increasingly important to lift our marriages before the Lord. The enemy’s attacks are prevalent in these relationships. Covering them in prayer is a defense we have been given from the Lord to fight against his schemes.

Dear Lord,

I praise you and thank you for marriage. It is a blessing and honor to be joined with the man you have chosen for me. I pray for my heart to be continually thankful for him. I pray for the words to encourage, the heart to follow and the courage to step out in faith as my husband leads. As we face difficult circumstances, may we face them together remembering you have joined us to be one. And when we disagree, may we both be humble enough to receive your correction. May we remember to say “I’m sorry” and carry with us a forgiving heart. Finally Lord, I pray that we would always remember the promise we made to you of our commitment to each other, regardless of circumstances.


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