Comfort for the Journey

Long-journey (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil, for You are with me; Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me.” (Psalm 23:4 NASB)

There he sat, all bundled in his blanket. His eyes were tired and his skin a pasty white. Dark circles had found their usual place under his eyes. My boy had endured. Because Jonah has asthma, every cold begins with a day or two where he simply struggles for breath. Sunday morning came and Jonah appeared tired, sad and worn out. The illness that has invaded his body had taken its toll. As I looked at my boy my desire was to find some way to comfort him. I knew I couldn’t take the sickness away but I could make his time of endurance a little less miserable.

So often in life, we ask the Lord to take away our struggles. We don’t want to endure pain. We certainly don’t want to be uncomfortable. And so we ask why and pray for relief. I love reading the Psalms. David was so honest with his emotions. There were many times he prayed and asked God to intervene. He often felt the Lord was silent and had forgotten about him. But in today’s scripture, it seems as though David had accepted his lot and chose to walk through it knowing his God would comfort him. He knew if God would be with him, nothing could hurt him. It seems to me, when we face devastating circumstances our first reaction is to want out. We can’t imagine how we will survive. But as time passes we learn to endure. Oh it doesn’t mean we enjoy our new circumstances, we become acclimated to them. We learn to endure. Perhaps David had come to the realization that his circumstances were not going to change and so he chose to receive God’s comfort.

As I looked at my weary boy my heart sank. I knew he had a rough night and so I asked if he wanted homemade chicken noodle soup. “Well, can I have that other stuff you made me the last time I was sick,” he asked. “It was really good and it made me feel better,” he explained. I was happy to make whatever Jonah requested to comfort him. I went and bought the supplies and made him some noodles with butter and garlic. He was still sick, but he was a little happier. It brought this Mom joy to see a smile on her boy’s face.

The Lord doesn’t always change our path to fit our desire. But He is always willing to walk the road with us. And I believe God finds great joy in comforting us along the journey.

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