Prayer Warrior Wednesday

Woman praying before the Altar of Answered Prayers

Woman praying before the Altar of Answered Prayers (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

He who finds a wife finds what is good and receives favor from the Lord. (Prov. 18:22 NIV)

This weekend our pastor asked the congregation to share someone that had been their mentor inspiring them to draw closer to the Lord. Then he asked us to share how we had mentored others. Some stood up and shared about the Sunday school class they were involved in and how the teachers had inspired them. Others talked about friends or family members who had helped them along in their journey. Our final testimony was from a woman who was praising her husband of forty two years.

The wife stood up and spoke with a shaky voice how inspired she was by her husband. She talked about the fact that her family had been through some terribly difficult times but her husband remained faithful to his family. He continually searched the scripture seeking the Lord’s wisdom with every turn of their journey together. Her husband sat with his head hung in humility as his wife praised his resolve to be the spiritual leader of their home. It was so moving and incredibly refreshing to hear a woman speak so highly of her husband.

Today’s prayer focus is for our husbands. Our world has made Godly men look weak and unmotivated. The man who would rather be home for dinner than climb the corporate ladder is an outcast in our society. Our men deal with the necessity to balance a job that requires their best and a home that desperately needs their leadership. We need to pray for them, daily. As wives, we should be their biggest cheerleaders.

If you are married, say a prayer for your husband today and ask the Lord how you can be a better wife. If you are not married, I encourage you to pray for your future husband. We should strive to bless our husbands (or future husbands).

Dear Lord,

Thank you for the men you have put in our lives. Thank you for their willingness to work hard to provide for our families. We pray you would watch over them. Surround them with other Godly men. Allow us to be the encouragement they need each and every day.



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