Not Finished

My heart is filled with so many emotions this week. It has been a week of life changing events. Some have been exciting. Others have been heartbreaking. I found myself crying a lot this week. Some tears were tears of joy. Others were tears of deep sadness.

Throughout this week the Lord has answered some of my most heartfelt prayers. They were prayers I held near and dear. They had been brought before His throne with a yearning heart. I prayed because I felt prompted to pray. I asked because I felt compelled to ask. The Lord, in His grace, answered. And I was elated. It was a week of celebration and thankfulness. It was a week where I clearly saw the hand of God working in different situations. And it was a week where I knew God was using me.

Then the unexpected came. It was a tragic, heartbreaking and shocking. Although it didn’t happen to me directly, it happened to someone I care about. The heaviness of my heart continues even today. I struggle to understand and I fear because I am just as susceptible. No one is immune from the grips of sin. These days I find myself clinging more closely to my Savior.

As wonderfully blessed as my week was I found that this sad news overshadowed it all. It was as if the good things hadn’t happened. It was as though God had stopped moving. But that is not the nature of God. He never stops. He is never defeated. He is never discouraged. He continues to move forward.

As I prepared this blog, I thought about how often I forget that God is not only working when my prayers are answered, but He is working from beginning to end. He is working before I begin to pray about something and He is not finished when my simple, human prayer is answered. He is always doing something. And then I went to church and my pastor said that he knew God was working in this very tragic situation even now. Even in the midst of the grief and disillusionment, God is at work.

Our hope remains in the power of the Lord. Remember His promises. Hold on to His words. The Lord is not finished.

“But as for me, I watch in hope for the LORD, I wait for God my Savior; my God will hear me.” (Micah 7:7 NIV)


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