Prayer Warrior Wednesday

I received a note home from my children’s elementary school asking for food and toiletries donations. They are asking for donations for families in the school. They want to provide meals for the children who normally are fed one or even two meals at school each week. With the Christmas break coming up, they want to be sure these families are provided for. Our church does this for the area schools, but we’ve never done it at this school before. They normally donate to local food banks but this is much more personal. I love it.

We are celebrating Thanksgiving tomorrow. We are blessed with more than enough food, a roof over our heads and all of our needs being met. My prayer focus this week is for those in our country who don’t have enough food or a decent place to live. Our country is so wealthy in some areas and so poor in others. Even the smallest attempt can make an enormous impact. It doesn’t seem to be a big deal to donate a bag full of food. But that bagful can feed a family for more than a day or two. And for someone who has nothing, that is a big deal.

What types of opportunities are happening in your community to help wipe out hunger?

Thank you Lord, for your provision. Open our eyes to the needs around us. Show us where we can be Your servants in our community.


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