What a weekend! My daughter had her first soccer tournament of the season. She played a couple of very big teams. And by very big, I don’t mean lots of girls, I mean large rough-playing girls. After losing both games on Saturday, our little team went back on the field Sunday morning to face the team they had lost to the day before. We arrived early to warm up. Our team was out there practicing for an hour or so before the game. They were in good spirits but their expectations were low. They were having fun, but they weren’t expecting to win. I have to admit, in my heart I agreed with them. They were down a player and let’s face it, those girls were big.

They went out onto that field and played their hardest on Sunday morning. They didn’t walk, they ran. They didn’t give up, they tried their hardest. And when the first quarter was complete, the score was tied. Our little team had held their own. They went out there for the second quarter fighting and fighting and returned to the bench excited because the other team had not scored. In fact, our little team spent more time on their half of the field. We were actually dominating. We were beginning to believe, we can do this. We can actually win against the team we lost to so badly the day before. Those little girls went out there and held them for the remainder of the game. It didn’t matter how tired they were, they kept fighting. The adrenaline was pumping and those girls refused to give up. It was so inspiring to watch.

Ever since that game, I find myself in “fight mode”. I received a couple of prayer requests from friends who have family members struggling. The enemy has come in and is trying to take over. My attitude is to fight. He can’t have those teenagers. He can’t have those marriages. He cannot come in and take the peace and joy and comfort that is rightfully ours. And I think sometimes we sit back, wallow in self pity and let him take over. We have to get on our knees and fight back. “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places.” (Eph. 6:12 NASB)

Our little team came to the end of their game with a tied score. It came down to penalty kicks. One by one, each girl walked up to take her shot. The crowd was silent with everyone on their feet. It seemed as though the whole world had stopped to watch. Everything was focused on them as they approached. It was intense. In the end, our girls lost 2-1. They came off the field in tears. They absolutely, without a doubt gave their all and still they lost. It was heartbreaking!

I think the hardest thing to take is losing after we’ve done everything right. We do what we are supposed to do and the results are contrary to what we had hoped for. But we can’t stop fighting. I don’t think any one of those girls would have played that game any differently had they known the outcome. Instead, I think they still would have gone out there and fought with the same tenacity. I am inspired to get down on my knees and fight for my friends and family. Satan has no place in their lives and if we are going to win the game we can’t quit. We can’t live in defeat. We have to go out there and fight.

Lord, help us to remember that we belong to you. You are the Almighty and You love us. Help us to remember that every battle is won from a kneeling position.


4 thoughts on “Fight!

  1. Jonesingafter40 says:

    I was soooo hoping that you were going to write that the little girls overcame the big meanies, but the story was a perfect tie-in to the greater lesson of the day. Go, fight, WIN!!! 🙂


    • Lori says:

      Stacy, we were all so devastated:( This little team was just thrown together and to see how far they have come in just a couple of months is incredible. They have such heart and determination. It really does inspire me not to give up!!!


    • Thank you for reading and commenting. I enjoyed your blog as well. I love your approach to bickering. I just make mine drop and give me 10 push-ups. Their biceps are growing but not thier hearts!!


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