Welcome Home

In My Father’s house are many dwelling places; if it were not so, I would have told you; for I go to prepare a place for you. (John 14:2 NASB)

I’m baa…aack. I was on vacation with my extended family last week. It was a week of true relaxation at the beach enjoying the sun, sand and sea. Unfortunately, “All good things must come to an end.” So, Saturday morning we began our trek home arriving close to midnight to sleep in our own beds. Sunday was day to unpack, clean and prepare for our busy week ahead.

Sunday morning I found myself in my shower scrubbing grout. I kind of chuckled to myself because only a day earlier, I was waking up in this enormous house by the ocean. I thought about the bathroom I had on vacation and how pretty it was. It was even more pleasing because I didn’t have to clean it. That was yesterday, today I’m cleaning my outdated bathroom covered in lavender tile. Sigh.

Leaving that beautiful house was difficult. But it’s not my home. My home is a house built out of cement blocks and happens to be fifty years old. It needs a lot of work. Its fixtures and floors are outdated, but it’s ours (or rather the bank’s until it’s paid for). But what makes it a home is not the furniture or countertops; it’s the people who live here. You see, our home is a place of comfort because it is filled with love.

Someday I will go to heaven. Jesus has gone to make a place for me. I am sure heaven is more than we can ever imagine with our finite minds. I’m sure the beauty of that place will overwhelm us. The sounds of angels singing will put us in a perpetual state of worship. But what makes heaven, heaven is not the streets of gold or Crystal Sea. What makes it heaven is Love. We will be in the presence of the Lord for eternity. And I look forward to my Savior waiting with open arms saying, “Welcome home”.


3 thoughts on “Welcome Home

  1. How beautiful!! Glad you had a nice time Lori. I can relate to the 50 year old house, because I live in one, but am grateful for a roof over my head. I too look forward to that home in heaven. Great post!


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