I Choose to Believe

It seems like this summer has brought with it the enjoyment of watching movies. We head to the library once a week and pick out our entertainment for our summer evenings. This past week we watched a movie called “Secondhand Lions”. It’s a movie about two brothers living somewhere in Texas. They are considered a bit quirky, fishing with rifles and shooting at salesmen. They are rumored to have a lot of money although no one knows for sure where they got it. Everyone has a different story explaining the wealth of the two brothers. And it seems everyone wants a bit of that cash for themselves, especially family.

There is a boy, maybe twelve or so who is their nephew. His greedy Mom drops him off with his uncles for the summer as she “pursues” her education. He doesn’t know the uncles and at first they are not happy he is there. You see, his Mom just wants their money and instructs the boy to find out where it is. The boy and his uncles live together and learn to really love each other, as much as men can. The uncles tell the boys stories of their adventures and where they got all of their money. The stories are outlandish and seemingly made up and the boy comes to a place where he has to choose what he is going to believe. Will he believe everything the uncles tell him, or will he believe the rumors he has heard. At one point, the boy even asks if the stories are true. The uncle replies by telling him he has to choose what he is going to believe. In other words, is he going to believe rumors from strangers or is he going to believe the men who have been taking care of him?

I thought this scene was interesting because we are all asked that question so many times in our lives. We even ask that question of God. Are you who you say you are God and do you have my back? We wonder, in the midst of trials if He does have our best interest at heart. We wonder if He will come through for us. We wonder if He will save us from our current circumstances or if He will let us sink. We are always wondering.

Faith is a curious thing. We need it to believe there is a God. We say we trust that Jesus died for us. But when it comes to the everyday ins and outs of life, we question God. I suppose we question because we think we know what the outcome should be. We pray answers instead of requests. We pray for the ending instead of the journey that gets us there. But I think faith believes when you don’t get what you asked for. It’s remembering that God has everything under control even when there is chaos. Faith is the thing that kicks in when everyone around you questions your intentions when you have chosen to following God’s lead.

The movie begins and ends with a phone call to the boy, now a grown man. He is told his uncles have died trying to fly their plane upside down through their barn. They died having an adventure. As the boy returns to his home he looks around remembering his eccentric uncles with a smile. Suddenly a helicopter arrives with a man and his son. He has flown here to see where those infamous men lived. He had been told stories of them his whole life which seemed unbelievable. But as he stood there with the nephew of the crazy men, they all realized the stories the two brothers told were true. The boy, with his doubts chose to believe them and in the end found out they were all true.

I want to believe God. I want to believe that no matter my situation, He is there. I want to believe He loves me regardless of where I find myself today. Some days that’s easier to believe than others. But each day I have a choice. I can choose to believe or I can choose to doubt. Today, I choose to believe.

“Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.” (Hebrews 11:1 NIV)


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