The Smile of a Little Old Lady

Last week was a busy one. With middle school ending for my oldest son, there were extra things added to the schedule. Then he had graduation and a dinner dance. My daughter had soccer try-outs for next year. I started walking with a friend in the morning and my husband asked me to run some extra errands for him. I gladly do all of these things but by the end of the week I was burned out. I was tired. And frankly, I was just looking for a few minutes to myself. It seemed as though every time I made plans to do something last week, my plans were altered because someone needed something. It even seemed as though the kids were asking more questions than normal. It was a busy, chaotic week ending with church on Saturday night.

I was so thrilled to go to church because I wanted to just sit and chill for an hour. I was looking forward to being quiet and taking it all in. As we began to enter the sanctuary, someone stopped me and asked if I would be willing to serve communion. She needed someone to walk around and serve the people who couldn’t walk through the line. I agreed although in my mind I wanted to say “no”. I just wanted to sit. I just wanted to do nothing, be responsible for nothing and just take it all in. But, like the good “Christian” I am, I agreed to serve.

The time came to serve and I began my duties. I went to a little old lady sitting on the end of the row and offered her communion. She looked at me with such joy in her eyes. I don’t know if she just enjoyed being served or she was in a good mood but immediately I was blessed. I continued on with my duties looking for people with their hands raised and I offered them the symbolic body and blood of Christ. They all thanked me and when everyone was served I returned to my seat. I was surprised because I realized I was honestly blessed to serve. I did something I didn’t want to do but in the end was filled with joy. I was completely honored to serve and I guess it caught me by surprise.

I have thought about that little old lady ever since that night. Her smile remains in the forefront of my mind. It caused me to reflect on the events that took place over the last week. In all of the chaos and tasks that needed my attention God showed up. He gave a huge blessing of grace that brought me to tears. He answered a prayer for our son and provided financially for something we have been praying about. I can’t remember a day that passed where God didn’t make Himself obvious. It was an emotional week for so many reasons but at the end of that crazy busy week, God asked me to do one more thing so He could bless me. I believe I was asked to serve so God could show me one more time that He loves me and understands.

There are many times I forget to look for God. I forget He is involved in all things at all times. I complain about my circumstances. I refuse to obey. I think only of myself and my comfort. I am so thankful I agreed to serve Saturday night because God had a plan and a purpose. He wanted to show me the joy there is in serving. He wanted me to experience the exhilaration that occurs when I put my wants aside in order to make someone else feel special. The Lord works in mysterious ways and makes Himself known in the most unlikely places; even in the smile of a little old lady.


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