Wax on…Wax off

This weekend I decided it was time to wash the van. It was looking very dirty and the bugs plastered to the front were kind of gross. Saturday morning it was washed. Jonah came out to “help”. Generally, the kids wash and rinse and I go back and do it again because they miss a lot. So, that’s what we did. Then I decided the van needed to be waxed. Two or three times a year I wax it just to keep the finish intact. It doesn’t hide the scrapes and scratches but it keeps them from getting worse. Jonah helped me. At first I waxed and he wiped off, but soon he decided he wanted to apply the wax. As we were working, I got a spiritual application I decided to share with Jonah.

I told him that applying the wax to the car was like being filled with the Holy Spirit. The wax is a helps keep the dirt grime from building up on the van. In the same way, walking in the Spirit, we are more aware of sin approaching and we are ready to repel it. When we are filled it we see things more clearly and recognize the enemy’s attacks. But when we don’t walk in the Spirit, we are subject to all kinds of evil. Our vision is tainted and the enemy can get a foothold wreaking all sorts of havoc. Jonah was not impressed with my profound illustration.

We continued to work diligently wiping away the wax. I noticed so many scratches on the van. There was the scratch that was put there by Jonah when he was about six years old. He took a knife out of the drawer, went out to the garage and proceeded to scratch up the van. What possessed him to do such a thing? I have no idea and neither did he. But the scratches remain. Years ago, I tried to buff them out only to see they are there to stay. Then there was the scrape that happened when I hit the basketball hoop while backing out of the garage. OOPS! Most of that was buffed away, but still there is a small section I couldn’t get rid of. All over the van there are bumps and bruises of many years of “love”.

I thought about those scratches and how they fit in with the illustration I had in my head. To me, they represented the hurts and scars we carry in our hearts. If left unchecked, those scratches could have potentially begun to rust and rot the outside of the car. They would have grown uglier and uglier over the years. Instead, because we covered them with the wax, they stayed the same. They have not ruined the finish. They are just there. In the same respect, when we have hurts and scars in our heart they have the potential to eat away at us. If left unchecked, they can destroy our hearts. But when we apply the healing powers of the Holy Spirit, those wounds heal. Those gashes in our hearts are filled with the Holy Spirit’s healing only leaving a faint scar. They never quite go away for they are engraved in our hearts forever. But they cease to do any more damage.

My husband agreed, this was a profound illustration. He tells me I find spiritual applications in the strangest places. The kids, on the other hand, weren’t so inspired. I would like to say they were totally into it and their eyes were opened. Unfortunately they were not. I asked my oldest what he thought and he replied with the wise words of Mr. Miyagi…”Wax on. Wax off.”


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