Now I See

This morning, I got my errands done first so I could come home, spend some time with the Lord and write. I’ve been so busy lately that I’ve neglected my time with the Lord. And so, on day two of the work week, I sat down to read and pray. Only, I was missing my glasses. Ugh. I got up and looked around and could find them nowhere. I hadn’t used them yet today but had no idea where I had left them yesterday. I had two pairs but can’t seem to find my second pair either. So, I decided to sit and read anyway. I would just suffer through it. I figured I could make out the words for the most part, until I actually sat down to do it. I realized that almost the whole chapter of scripture I was about to read was written in red. I couldn’t see the words clearly, or even unclearly. It was a haze of red to me and so again I searched for my glasses. They were right where I left them yesterday, next to the computer I used to pay bills. Finally, I found my glasses, put them on and could now easily see the words on the page. Whew!

Yesterday, I read the scripture in John where Jesus heals the blind man. Every day this man would come and sit and beg. People passed him by daily. They knew to expect him because he returned every single day begging. This is how he supported himself each and every day. As I was reading I stopped for a moment because I found this scripture to be interesting. “His neighbors and those who had formerly seen him begging asked, ‘Isn’t this the same man who used to sit and beg?”‘ Some claimed he was. Others said, ‘No, he only looks like him.’ But he himself insisted, ‘I am the man.'” (John 9:9 NIV) When I read this, I could imagine a bunch of people standing around him wondering who he was. The Bible says they were his neighbors and yet they still questioned. How do you walk past the same man every single day and not recognize him? I think he simply blended in with his surroundings. I think they were so used to seeing him, he was no longer a person; he was part of the scenery. How sad that he had just become someone overlooked until Jesus came along.

Jesus never overlooked the man. He went right to him. He didn’t pass him by. Jesus came to the man and healed him. I love how Jesus always went to the least likely person. He didn’t go to the man who was greatest in this community; he went to the one who was brushed aside. He didn’t find the religious leader or the politician of the area, he went to the man everyone passed by. This man had no influence among the people of the town and yet Jesus chose him. Jesus always chose the lowest of the low to encourage. He always chose the people who were cast offs and undesirables to perform miracles on. I love that about Jesus. He wasn’t impressed by earthly wealth or power. He was impressed by humbleness and humility.

That day started out like every other day for the blind man but the end was not what he expected. He started the day unable to see but as he laid his head on the bed that night, he could see everything more clearly. He had been touched by the hand of God and his life would never be the same. I wonder what he did with his new found sight. I wonder what kind of job he chose or the people he spent time around. I wonder if he got married and had a family. I don’t know exactly, but I can imagine he spent many days sharing the story of how Jesus touched his life. I believe he spoke of the dark days and how the Light came in and changed him. You see, his story isn’t much different than ours. Before Jesus we too walked around in darkness unable to see the truth. But then Jesus came to us in our lowly state and changed that. He gave us hope. He gave us love. He gave us eyes to see and hearts to understand.

Thank you Lord for never overlooking any of us!


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