“Open my eyes to see the wonderful truths in your instruction.” (Psalm 119:18, NLT)

This morning I was trying to read without my glasses. Yes, that’s right; I have to wear glasses in order to read especially in dim light and with small print. After I turned forty, my eyesight started to blur. It’s kind of a joke these days when I’m at a restaurant with friends or family trying to read the menu. I’m always asked if I need them to hold it across the table so I can see it. I can’t see very well when things are close up, but when they are moved away, they seem to come into focus better. And so, this morning, I was struggling to read something. I could have gotten up and retrieved my glasses, but no. I decided to struggle through it until I looked on the table next to me. There sitting right next to me were my glasses. Needless to say, reading was much easier when I had my spectacles on.

I put my glasses on and I immediately noticed that my vision was much clearer now. I could look through the lenses and see the words written on the page. I could again read with ease. So why did I wait so long to put on glasses? It was laziness, pure and simple. I didn’t feel like getting up and walking to the bedroom for my glasses. I didn’t feel like putting the computer down, removing the blanket from my lap and heading over to the bedroom. I didn’t want to be interrupted. I wanted to continue what I was doing even if it was a struggle. The thing was, the glasses were right next to me. They were sitting there all along. I did not have to get up. I did not have to walk anywhere. I didn’t even have to remove my blanket. I just reached over for them.

I realized this morning that my focus can be on the wrong things. I was content to struggle with the words because I was more interested in my comfort. I didn’t want to get up and disturb the comfortable position I had created. At times, I am so protective of my comfort; I will do anything to keep it. I lose focus on what is important. Rather than step out in faith, I work hard to keep my comfort level secure. Unfortunately for me, God is not interested in my comfort. He did not send Jesus so I could live an easy life. Instead, He calls me to step out in faith. He calls me to give up my comfort at times to follow Him. But when I hold on to what I want, I lose all perspective. I begin looking intently at the very thing I am afraid of losing and don’t take the time to step back while the bigger picture comes into focus.

Focus is important. But focusing on the right thing is even more important. When I put my wants and comfort above everything else, I have lost focus on God. And when I let my fears dictate my choices, I become paralyzed. I thought it was funny that I chose to struggle this morning rather than get up. And when I took my eyes off the page and looked around, my glasses were within arm’s reach. Sometimes God’s will is within arm’s reach. It’s not hard and it’s not far away. When we finally give in and let God’s plan be our focus, it’s like putting reading glasses on. The blurriness is gone and we see things more clearly.


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