“In the morning, O Lord, you hear my voice; in the morning I lay my requests before you and wait in expectation.” (Psalm 5:3 NIV)

This morning while taking my oldest son to school, he was telling me about this show he watches. It’s a cartoon and it’s pretty stupid in my opinion. But he likes it and it interests him so I listen. While he was talking today I honestly didn’t catch much of what he was saying. I listen to a few words and laugh when I’m supposed to. Right now, I can honestly say I can’t remember what he said. But while he was talking I was wondering if God has the same lack of attentiveness when I talk. Does He get tired of me whining and complaining? Is He sick of me praying about the same things over and over? Is God sitting on His throne half-listening to my requests? I wondered if blah, blah, blah is all He hears. I’ll be honest, I kind of felt bad for not listening to my teenager but felt even worse that I bombard God with the trivial things in life.

On my way home from dropping off my son, I remembered a conversation I had with my former neighbor yesterday. She called last week and I finally got a hold of her. She has been my best friend and confidant. She was so happy to hear from me and asked about our Christmas and New Years. She asked about my husband, his job and the kids. And as she always does, she asked about me and how I was doing. As the conversation progressed, she shared stories of her Christmas and the exciting news that she will have a new great-grandbaby this summer. She’s so excited and happy for the new addition. We caught up on her family news and she told me she had been to the doctor. She commented that she’s “…a healthy old broad!” I love her. And when the conversation was over and it was time to say good-bye, she told me she loved me…as she always does. As I got off the phone, I was reminded of how very much I miss her!

My conversation with Carol reminded me of how God is with us. He is so happy when we take the time to talk to Him. He wants to know what’s going on in our lives. He wants us to share the things that make us happy and sad. He wants to hear our requests. He desires that communion with us because He loves us. When we listen, God shares His heart with us. He tells us the plans and the direction He wants us to move in. He comforts and gives us hope. And when the conversation is over, He reminds us that He loves us. Our prayers to Him are never unimportant or boring or juvenile. They are important to Him because we are important to Him. I love Him!

I can’t say that my conversations with my son about his favorite cartoons will ever interest me, but I’m thankful he shares them with me. I’m glad I’m available and willing to listen. I listen because he’s important to me and I want to know about the things that make him happy. I listen because I love him!

Thank you Lord for being listening because you love me!


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