Comfy Chair

“In my Father’s house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you”. (John 14:2 KJV)

This morning on the way to school, we had a discussion about mansions. Our route from one school to the other takes us through a very affluent neighborhood with elaborate homes and beautifully kept yards. Jonah asked if we would ever live in a mansion. I told him no, but that some day when he went to heaven he would have a mansion. He then responded, “If I ever get to heaven that is.” What?? I assured him that since he had accepted Jesus as Lord, he would in fact go to heaven. “You did pray to receive Jesus, didn’t you?” I asked. He replied, “Uh yeah, like three times.” I told him that once Jesus took up residence, He wasn’t leaving. “Well in that case, do I get a throne to go along with my mansion?” he asked. “No, only God sits on the throne” I replied. Then Jonah asked, “Do you think I could at least have a comfy chair then?”

I have this vision of my son in “Jonah heaven” sitting on a “bigger than him” comfy chair playing video games on a flat panel television that’s takes up one whole wall of the room. He would have servants bringing him any food he wants. He would again be allowed to eat peanut butter, cheese and wheat products. He would have an indoor pool and a trampoline for when his eyes got tired from video games. And he would continually play rap music (although in my opinion they play that in hell). This would be a picture of Jonah’s heaven. It’s culminations of things he desires here on earth.

We all have our idea of what heaven is going to look like. We dream of our perfect heavenly bodies with no pain or sickness. We look forward to a time with no sadness and no disappointment. There will be no bills to pay or tasks to be completed. We won’t have to deal with people that annoy us. We won’t have to watch those we love die. All of the ugly things we endure here on earth will no longer exist. It will be paradise.

I love the fact that God has kept hidden the details of heaven. He gave us just enough to excite us but not so much as to ruin the surprise. I do think He gave us the most important detail about heaven though. He told us that He is there. We will be in the presence of the Lord always. I look forward to that time. It’s something I dream about and desire more than anything here on earth. It’s something I long for especially when life is hard. Yes, this life can be excruciating. But when this tired life ends, we get to be with Jesus in heaven praising Him with the angels. And maybe, just maybe, He will have comfy chair to rest our weary souls.


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