“For nothing will be impossible with God.” (Luke 1:37 NASB)

I opened my Bible this morning and read the account in Luke chapter 1 of angels visiting mere man to deliver God’s message. The first was a message to an old priest and his wife who faithfully served the Lord all the days of their lives. However, they were without a child. They had lifted their request on numerous occasions only to be left in silence. But still, they served their God. The other visitation was to a young girl about to be wed. She was innocent with dreams of the life she would soon have. She was naïve and inexperienced. And yet God chose her as well as the wife of an old priest.

I wonder if Elizabeth being old, had caused her to become indifferent to the miracles of God. I wonder if she and Zachariah had become complacent believing as most of us that God can do the impossible, but probably won’t. I wonder if their prayers for a child had ended and they just accepted their lives as they were. They didn’t do more because there was no point. They were happy with the status quo. They had a pretty good life without trouble. Why stir up the pot? We do that sometimes. We become cynical in our attitude toward God. We figure He won’t so we don’t ask. We decide it’s probably not His will, so we choose not to hope. We surrender to complacency rather than believe.

Mary on the other hand was young. Her ideas were new and idealistic. She was about to be married and was busy making plans for the wedding. She had probably not had much disappointment in her life as of yet. She was easily excited and willing to believe because of her innocence. When God spoke, she believed, or did she? When I read this story, I didn’t realize that Mary left immediately after the visitation by the angel. She hurried to leave. I don’t know if she told her parents or even Joseph about her experience. But for some reason she wanted to tell Elizabeth. Perhaps it was because she was married to a priest. But when she arrived, Elizabeth didn’t call her crazy. She didn’t tell her she was imagining things. She was able to share in her excitement. Here, Mary would be safe to talk about what had happened. She would have someone to be excited with her. Mary spent three months with Elizabeth talking about their children and what God’s plans for them were.

God put these two women together for a reason. They were both recipients of the impossible. One was old and physically unable to bear children. One was young and unmarried. Yet they both received blessings from the Lord. Who would have thought? And God put them in each other’s lives because they could encourage each other. When the world around them was telling them they were crazy, they could reaffirm each other. I love that God gave these two women to each other for this time in their lives. They understood each other’s situations and could relate to each other. And they could celebrate the fact that God performed the impossible.

Thank you Lord for the friends you give us who understand us. Thank you for those we can pray with, those we can weep with and those we can celebrate with.


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