Beautiful and Blessed

This morning I decided to bring the twins to school so they could sleep in a bit longer this morning. They were worn out from the weekend and besides, I needed to stop at the store this morning. We were out of dog food and Ollie keeps pushing his dish at me. I guess he’s hungry. So, I made my (almost) daily stop at the store. I ran through gathering the things on my list. Yes, I’ve started making lists so I will stop forgetting things and hopefully cut down on my (almost) daily trips to the store. As I ran through the store, I was greeted by a couple of workers smiling and wishing me a good morning. Everyone working there seemed to be especially cheerful this morning. I’m not sure if they realized it is Monday.

When I finished my shopping, I got in the shortest line this morning hoping to make this trip a quick one. I noticed I was in line with a new cashier. I considered switching because I thought she would be slow because she was new. But I toughed it out and stayed in her lane even though I was in a hurry, as usual. The cashier and I exchanged our normal “cashier and customer conversation” about how I was doing, if I found everything I was looking for and if I had any coupons. I answered politely going about my business because there was no time to waste. I didn’t really look at the cashier but as she handed me my receipt, I stopped my rushing, smiled and looked her in the eye to thank her. I think I caught her by surprise and as I was walking away she said, “Have a beautiful and blessed day hon.” I smiled and thanked her and realized that in that brief moment, I was sure I encountered a sister in Christ. And to boot, she spoke a blessing over my day! Wow! I again thanked her and wished her the same. As I walked to my car I smiled at the way my day started…with a blessing.

“Beloved, if God so loved us, we also ought to love one another.” (1 John 4:11 NASB)

I believe that cashier knows Jesus. She wasn’t wearing a fish pin or a WWJD bracelet. She looked like every other cheerful person I crossed paths with this morning. But the difference was that she shined the Light over my day. She spoke words of encouragement and peace over me. She knew what she was doing and she made my day. I don’t know if I’ll ever see her again, but for today she blessed me. I want to be like her. I want to use words of encouragement. I feel like I’ve been so condemning lately. I have failed to look at the good and only notice the bad lately. It’s easy to pick out the imperfections in myself and others and it almost seems unnatural to choose to see the goodness.

So for today, I have decided to be positive and optimistic. I won’t let the dreary circumstances overshadow the power of God. I will keep my eyes peeled looking for the good in others, instead of the worst. I will not let ugly words proceed from my mouth, only words of encouragement. And I will have a beautiful and blessed day, no matter what!


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