The Beauty of it All

“And the heavens will praise Thy wonders, O LORD” (Psalm 89:5 NASB)

This summer my family and I were able to go to the mountains for vacation. While I was there, I awoke early every morning to pray and read and write. There was something about the early morning that made me want to rise before dawn. It was quiet. Everyone and everything was still asleep. The distractions of the day have not begun. And there I sat, quietly waiting for the Lord to meet with me. This morning I read from the notebook I wrote in during my vacation and it brought me back to those mornings sitting on the porch being quiet and just listening for the Lord. Today I just want to share one of my journal entries.

Last night we drove through the mountains exploring the views from above. The whole time we’ve been here I have been so overwhelmed with the beauty that surrounds us. The views are tremendous and it seems I can’t get enough of it. Every day I am reminded of God’s majesty. It’s not only visually gorgeous, but the sound of the gentle creek that trickles close by washes calmness over my soul. The quiet morning is sprinkled with the songs of one lone bird beginning his day and the scents of the blooming flowers offer a sweet scent that fills my senses.

I am reminded that God surrounds me with beauty every day. Every tree is unique. Every morning is different and every sunset is as if He painted it just for me. It looks as though He spent many hours using wispy strokes to obtain the right effect. He never starts or ends the day the same. Our Creator has a marvelous imagination. It’s hard not to look around and appreciate it. It’s hard not be see the heart of a loving God in and through His creation. And everything He has made cries out with praise to the One who spoke them into existence.

Reading this entry brought me back to that morning. I could feel the presence of God in an amazing way. He surrounded me with beauty. He calmed my spirit and the lovely aroma that filled the morning air was wonderful. He thought of everything. He wanted my whole being to experience Him that morning. Isn’t that just like God? He doesn’t want just a little bit of me, He wants it all. It made me think today that there are times I hold back. There are times I don’t participate fully. There are times I am afraid of what He has called me to do.

God is a God of wholeness. He never leaves out a detail. He never forgets anything. And He certainly never holds back. Sometimes, I wonder what my life would look like if I never held back. I wonder what amazing things God would use me for if I jumped in with both feet instead of feeling out the waters first. I often forget that if He has called me, He has paved the way. My job is simply to follow. Sometimes it’s exciting to think about and other times it scares the pants off of me. When I went back and read my experience from that day I am reminded that God doesn’t stop part of the way through the process. He isn’t satisfied with just a little bit of my attention. He is a God who is complete and uses everything. And He has a purpose for me. That is just as amazing as the magnificence of the mountains or the sounds and smells of His creation that filled every one of my senses that day. That is the beauty of it all!


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