Yes Lord

“‘Who are you, Lord?’ Saul asked” (Acts 9:5NIV)

Yesterday was my twins first day of fourth grade. So, we had breakfast together as a family, did a devotional and prayed together. Since I read “Power of a Whisper” this summer, it is constantly on my mind. I have started rereading it because it was such a great book. In the book, Bill Hybels tells the story of when he was a young boy in school and his teacher shared the story of Samuel. She told them that if they would listen, the very God that spoke to Samuel would speak to them. So, I too shared the story of Samuel with my kids. Since they are in public school, they are surrounded with people who don’t think and act as we do. They are in the world…literally. And I want them to get used to listening for God’s voice. I want them to develop a constant dialogue with God. I want them to recognize when God is speaking and act on it. I have high hopes for my nine year olds. But then again, nothing is impossible with God.

This morning I read chapter 9 of the book of Acts. It tells of Saul’s conversion. It dawned on me that Saul was very knowledgeable about the things of God. He had spent most of his life studying the stories of the Old Testament. He knew all of the commandments. He understood the reason behind every celebration the Jews enjoyed. And yet, when the Lord spoke to him, he had no idea who was talking. The very voice that spoke the world into existence meant nothing to him. The voice of Jesus was unrecognizable to Saul.

Later in the chapter, Jesus calls Ananias. And Ananias’ simple response was “Yes, Lord.” (vs. 10) He knew the voice of Jesus. He had heard it before and then continues to have a conversation with Jesus. He shares his doubts and fears about Saul (as if Jesus didn’t know the whole story). Then Jesus reassures him and gives him his command. Ananias obeys and Saul is saved. It sounds simple doesn’t it? Can you imagine the fear in Ananias? I’m sure he was shaking in his boots (or sandals), but he obeyed.

I don’t know how my kids will do this year in school. I don’t know the challenges that will come their way. But I know this; the Lord who spoke to Samuel is the same Lord who saved my children. He is the same Lord that lives in their hearts. I pray they will learn to recognize His voice and obey. I pray that when He calls them they will answer “Yes Lord”.


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