Living in Thankfulness

The day is finally here. After two long weeks of punishment, my twins are free to play video games and swim again. I did cave and allowed them to watch television again on Saturday. I told them it was grace and they were very appreciative. In fact, they have been thanking me for everything lately. Yesterday, I took them to the dollar store for silly putty. When we got back in the car, my daughter thanked me. The other day, my son did the same thing. He thanked me for some random thing I always do for him. It wasn’t out of the ordinary and it certainly wasn’t something special, but he felt the need to thank me. What’s up with that?? They’ve never done that before. They must be feeling a bit more grateful these days. After that long drawn out and severe punishment, they’re a bit more appreciative.

I think I’m the same way. After I have gone through a difficult time whether it is a trial or something I’ve brought on myself, I become more thankful. I look at things through a different set of glasses. I appreciate God’s provision a little more when I’ve struggled financially. I am thankful when I’m feeling better after a drawn out sickness. I’m overcome with joy when the very thing I have prayed and prayed for has come to pass. Even when a relationship has been restored, I seem to be a bit more attentive and forgiving. I guess it goes back to that saying that says something like “You don’t know what you’re missing until it’s gone”. In this case, I guess my kids didn’t realize how much I do for them. They were taking me for granted.

I know I sometimes take God for granted. I know there are days I forget to thank Him for the everyday things in life. I tend to be so wrapped up in my little world; I don’t appreciate the simple things that God takes care of. The fact that there is food on the table everyday is something to be thankful for. Having a car to drive and a roof over my head is reason to praise Him. He has given me a wonderful family complete with a little dog. What more could I ask for? And what is wrong with me that I don’t thank Him more? I think I sometimes take these things for granted. I appreciate them, but don’t say it. I do this with my husband and my friends. I forget to give them the thanks they deserve for the things they do to bless my life.

“Rejoice always; pray without ceasing; in everything give thanks; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” (1 Thess. 16-18)

My kids teach me so much about myself and my God. It’s amazing to me that I am not much different in my relationship with God as they are with me. They become ungrateful just as I do. They do things they know they shouldn’t just as I do. They have bad days and have to deal with mean people. They struggle just as I do. And when I look at them and see their reactions, it’s like looking in a mirror. Honestly, I am thankful for the reflection. It humbles me and shows me who I really am. When I look at them, faults and all, I can’t help but love them. They are a gift and a treasure just as I am to God. I adore them just as God adores me. And I want the best for them just as God wants for me. And for that, I am thankful.

Today, I think I’ll spend some time thanking God for the everyday things He allows me to have. I’ll thank Him for the simple things I expect and forget to tell Him I appreciate. I’ll spend some time today reminding myself that life could be so much harder than it is. I won’t wait until God leads me through another trial. I’ll make it a way of life now. I’ll begin today living in thankfulness.


6 thoughts on “Living in Thankfulness

  1. Sandra Venegas says:

    Lori – you’ve hit the nail on the head, again! Thanks for the reminder to tell God how thankful I am for the ‘small’ things as well as the ‘big’ things.


  2. Sometimes, I think I say, “thank You” all the time without pausing to give real gratitude. I start most prayer with, “God, thank You for today and for…” but I don’t truly experience gratitude.

    Nice post 🙂


  3. I like how you said our children can be a reflection of our own attitudes and habits. I think this can also be true with those who follow leaders (e.g. if the boss hates change staff do too) and of close friends (we usually whinge about the same stuff). Maybe we should take time to look at the reflections in those around to see where we need to change.

    Thanks for your post 🙂


    • Thank you for commenting. I hadn’t taken that statement to that extreme. It is true…we do act like those we spend time around. Then comes the question are we allowing their attitude to bleed into ours or are we allowing God to guide and be Lord over thoughts and actions??It’s a really good point!!


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