Take Care

Today is not the best day. I woke up happy but that soon changed when I saw the destruction my kids had caused to the pool. Yesterday, my son begged me to stop and get him some earplugs so he could swim. The doc said no swimming for a week because he has swimmer’s ear. But he insisted his ear was better and he wanted to swim, so we stopped and got him earplugs. He was so excited that he and his sister swam for nearly two hours yesterday. But this morning when I went out to add water to the pool, I saw that he had destroyed the decking in one area of the pool. I thought he was hitting the handrail, because they do that a lot. But instead, he was taking a metal pole and smashing the concrete. Needless to say, I was and am still very angry about the whole thing!

This happened early this morning. I had not had my coffee and I hadn’t taken my time with the Lord. So I couldn’t believe what came to mind as I was praying this morning. I can’t believe after my fit this morning, I am sitting here writing a blog about it. God has a sense of humor even when I feel like cryingJ

Yesterday, Jonah begged and begged for ear plugs so he could swim. He was relentless as he normally is. He wouldn’t give up until I agreed to stop and get him earplugs. He wanted to swim more than anything and he was not going to give up until he got what he wanted. Aren’t we the same with God? We are on our knees begging until we get what we want. The funny thing is, once he got the very thing he asked for, he destroyed it. He had no respect for the pool. The hours I have spent cleaning and balancing the water meant nothing to him. The thing he wanted most, in that moment, became something he suddenly didn’t care about. He was not taking care of the thing he wanted so badly. In fact, he was abusing it.

I thought about the things in life I have prayed for and been blessed with. I have been blessed with a husband and three “great” kids. When we needed a bigger house, God obliged and gave us one we could afford. He even threw in a pool, which is something I asked for. When my husband needed a job, God gave him one. All of these things I have prayed for and God blessed. But I have to be honest. Sometimes, I spend my time complaining about the very things I asked for. I complain about my husband and there are times I don’t treat him as the gift he is. I don’t appreciate him for who he is. I spend my time destroying the very blessing of God. What about my house? I prayed for it and yet there are times I complain because it takes work to maintain. I don’t want to put in the time to take care of it, so I just let things go. I prayed for this and yet, when it comes to doing any work to keep it looking nice, I complain.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how much God gives me and my lack of gratitude. We are like little kids that want something one minute and as soon as we grow bored with it, we move on to something else we must have. Once we get what we’ve asked for, it’s not so much fun anymore. It takes work and that’s something we don’t like. Whether it happens to be our friendships, relationships with family or material things, it all takes effort. We need to cherish what God has given us and stop destroying the very things we have prayed for and received. We need to treat the people and things God has given us with care. We need to appreciate them and not walk away when they are hard get along with or maintain. God blesses us because He loves us, not because we deserve it. And yet we walk around as if we are entitled to everything we have. We have forgotten that we should be caretakers of the people and things God has graciously given us. Or at least I have.

I know God doesn’t have the same anger in His heart that I have right now. But I wonder if He gets irritated with me when I treat the very things I have prayed for as burdens. I treat my family as a hassle and something that requires so much time. I get frustrated over friends that don’t appreciate me as they should. I grow weary of the tasks that take up my time every single day. But in all of this, I need to keep my focus on God and my heart filled with thanks for all that He has given me. Anything worth having takes effort. Sometimes it takes hard, backbreaking work. But in the end, when all is said and done, it feels really good to see the fruits of your labor. I know that’s why God sticks by us. We are all a work in progress as is my son. Someday, I hope that all of this hard work pays off.


4 thoughts on “Take Care

  1. Everything you said in this post, I have thought myself. Great articulation. I am extremely blessed and I know this…but that one thing I want, I shake my fist at God and scream, “Why not??!” But I know deep in my heart (where it gets quiet and I can’t always hear it) that I’m just not ready yet. God wants us to give up the things we love and want most in order that we fully appreciate it when we do get it. All in time…God’s time.


  2. Last night I was watching the news and saw these Syrian mothers and children crying because they had to leave their homes. It broke my heart. Honestly, even the poorest people in America have no problems. We are blessed no matter what it looks like. (talking to myself) 🙂 Thanks for the reminder about being grateful!


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