The Love of the Father

“See how great a love the Father has bestowed upon us, that we should be called children of God; and such we are. (1 John 3:1)

This morning I was watching television, which I never do, but there was a story I wanted to see. It was a story of a Mom who jumped out of a second story window in order to save herself and unborn baby. Her father-in-law had come into the house with a gun, shot and killed her mother-in-law, killed his son (her husband) and proceeded to shoot her two year old son and her. From what I understand, she grabbed her son and jumped out the window. And while lying there on the ground, her father-in-law shot her one more time in the back which incidentally, paralyzed her from the waist down. This story was so horrifying to me. It took the Mom two years before she could “comfortably” talk about this tragedy. I don’t know that I would have used the word “comfortably”. I would probably be hysterical trying to explain the happenings of that day. But there she was with her 20 month old daughter (the one she was pregnant with when the incident happened) sharing her story.

This was such a disturbing story to me but the Mom in this story said something that I can’t stop thinking about. She said that she was the first to hold her son in her arms when he was born, and she was the last one to hold him when he died. It reminded me of this “statue thing” my mother has in her bedroom. My grandfather had it in his bedroom and my mom wanted it after his passing. It’s a statue behind glass of Mary and Jesus after his death. He is lying across her lap with his crown of thorns and pierced side. It’s a very dramatic statue of the love a mother has for her son. I can’t imagine what Mary was thinking, but this I know; it seems unnatural for a mother to bury her child.

In the interview I watched this morning, the interviewer talked about how courageous this Mom was for jumping out of the window to save the lives of her children. Of course it was courageous, but for those of us that are Moms, we understand. We would, if faced with the same threat, do what it takes to save our children. I wonder if Mary was feeling helpless watching her child die. I wonder if she did all that she could to save Him. I don’t know if she pleaded with the authorities to let Jesus go. I don’t know if she prayed to God for the release of her Son. I can’t imagine she was anything but distraught over the whole sorted ordeal. The bible doesn’t share her story. But we can surmise that it was an awful, horrible, terrifying time for Mary. And without any just cause, she too watched her Son die.

When our children are born, we have such high hopes for them. We nurture them the best we can. We teach them and train them as God would have us do. We only have them for a short while until we have to let go and let God. When I became a parent, I got a little glimpse of the love God has for me. I don’t think I will understand how God could sacrifice His only Son for me or the other sinners of the world. I don’t think I’m capable. But this story, in some small way, helps me to understand how God would do anything to save my life. He would sacrifice anything, just to be with me and you. You often hear that there is nothing like “a mother’s love”. As a mother I would agree. But as a child of God I have to say it’s only a small reflection of the Love of the Father!


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