He Remains Faithful!

if we are faithless,

he will remain faithful,

for he cannot disown himself.

(2 Tim 2:11-13)

My day has not gone as I had planned. All week I have been running and running. I was so happy when my husband said he could take the kids to school. I planned to see them off then spend some time reading and have a long needed quiet time before the Lord. Oh sure, I’ve taken my time with Him this week, but I was looking for some serious time of prayer and just seeking to be close to God this morning. I was well on my way until my phone rang and my plans changed. My son needed his science project and he forgot it. Normally, I would have told him that he has to do without it and take a reduced grade. But extenuating circumstances apply, so I got my shower, got dressed and headed to school with my son’s project. My plan for a quiet morning at home was ruined. My desire for some quality time with the Lord would have to wait. In the midst of all of this I was rereading this scripture.

I love this scripture. I love the fact that God’s faithfulness is not dependent on my faith. I don’t have to worry that God’s power will only be as strong as my belief. I do not carry the load of faithfulness, God does. And for that, I am thankful. I am thankful for the times I have forgotten to pray and God has blessed anyway. I am thankful for the Lord who knows what I need before I even ask. I am thankful that the Lord does not disown me when fail Him. He remains faithful.

My plans don’t always succeed. And I confess there are times when I am faithless. There are times when I am so discouraged I don’t even want to talk to Him. There are times I am so disappointed and quite frankly, angry that I have not gotten what I have prayed for. He doesn’t disown me because of my behavior. He does not turn His back on me because I have disobeyed. Instead, He remains faithful.

My plans for today did not turn out as I had planned. They did not fall into place as I had hoped. Often times, things don’t work out on my schedule. But in the end, God is teaching me. He is showing me that having my own way makes me a spoiled brat. And He never said He was about making my life about me. He is making my life about Him. I guess over the last few years of trials, I have learned to roll with the punches. I have learned that God wastes nothing. I have learned that if He allows it, He certainly has a purpose for it. And I have learned that He never, ever gives up on me. Yes, He remains persistent. He remains loving. He remains faithful.



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