Logically Speaking

I read a blog today from an atheist. He explained his reasoning for not believing in God or Allah or any other god for that matter. His whole point for the blog was to explain why he was an atheist. He could not understand how a loving God would let so much pain, tragedy and destruction happen in the world. He could not explain why one person is born blind and another is not. It’s too random. There is no logic to it. In his mind it makes no sense at all. And since God does not seem logical, he had no use for Him. He explained that he loved science because it was logical. He understood the formulas, the charts and categories. Everything in science fit into his little box. And since God didn’t fit and because he could not understand God, he has concluded that there is no God.

I have to say that on some levels I agree with him. There is no logic to the struggles in life. It doesn’t make sense that some people seem to have it easier than others. It certainly doesn’t seem fair that some people are stricken with terrible tragedy and others just seem to skate through life. None of it is logical. And No, God is not logical. He is the Almighty God and He did not spare His one and only Son so that we may live. It makes no sense that God would sacrifice His beloved for a wretch like me. I certainly can not wrap my brain around the fact that God loves me, just because. I don’t understand any of it. It is not logical. It makes no sense. And yet, I choose to believe it. I choose to let God love me. I choose to step out in faith every day understanding that there will be days when I shout for joy and days when I sob in grief. It’s called life!

Yes, God is illogical. I agree with that. But that does not make Him nonexistent. It makes Him Sovereign…logically speaking.


4 thoughts on “Logically Speaking

  1. Hubby says:

    Great post honey! But you should take another look at this… “He is the Almighty God and He spared His one and only Son so that we may live.”


  2. Patty says:

    Thanks for your honesty Lori. I think a lot of Christians struggle with seeing the pain and suffering in the world while knowing our God loves each of us lavishly. One thing I heard, which helped me, is to remember that this life isn’t all there is – there is so much more that will happen after we die and we can trust that it is all wonderful. That might be hard for an atheist to accept, but it gives perspective on the seeming unfairness here.


    • It is true, this is nothing compared to heaven. I really don’t know how to respond to people when you look at this ugly world. I guess I wonder why God even bothers with us at all. We are so short-sighted. That’s where the lavish love comes in. There’s no other way to explain it.


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