The Box

I spent the morning working in childcare today. And we had this little girl, around two years old that got herself into a pickle. She stuck her hand into a box through one of the shapes on the side. She was trying to get the blocks that were in the bottom of the box. She pushed and pushed and succeeded in getting her hand stuck inside. Only, she didn’t cry or fuss or anything. She just kept on playing and used her other hand to play with. She just adjusted her playing to allow for this box that was stuck on her arm. It was really interesting to me. She made one or two feeble attempts to get her arm out, but when it wouldn’t come out easily, she just focused her attention on something else and continued playing. Finally, after a few minutes, I asked her if she wanted some help and I gently helped get her arm out of the box. This whole episode got me to thinking about the baggage we carry around.

We get ourselves into pickles sometimes, don’t we? We go after something we shouldn’t only to realize that we’re stuck. We chase after sin and when we finally catch it, we’re stuck. We stand there and look around and think that there is no one there to help us out of our mess. We make a few attempts to try and get out, but it stays there until it becomes baggage. Then we just carry it around with us and adjust our lives to compensate for it.  We never ask God to help us out, we just carry it along and deal with it. It becomes part of who we are. I mean sometimes, we even decorate this baggage to disguise it because we don’t want anyone to recognize it for what it is…a mess we can’t get ourselves out of. But for the believer, there is always an escape.

There is a Savior that desires to free us from our baggage. There is Someone who wants to gently pry us from the mess that we find ourselves chained to. We have a God that desires to give us a way out, but the key is, we have to ask for help. He wants us to ask. He doesn’t want us to just pretend it’s not there and move on. He doesn’t want us to just live with the mistake. He wants us to be free from it so that we can live full and prosperous lives. He doesn’t want our mistakes to hold us back, He wants to use them as a springboard to move us ahead.

So today, as I sat there and looked at that little girl playing with the box stuck on her arm I was not only amused, but also reminded that we serve a God of love that desires to free us. He wants us to come to Him with every little box we find ourselves trapped in and ask Him to remove it. He will gently remove each piece of baggage, one at a time. But He won’t do anything until we ask.


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