Well, it’s been a difficult week for me. I have really struggled with God this week. I’ve been angry at Him. I have felt like God has forgotten about me. I really struggled with the fact that life is hard. I feel like I have always had to fight for anything and everything I have. And this week, instead of being thankful for the blessings of the Lord, I have struggled with looking at someone else’s life and wondered, why is it so easy for them? Why don’t they have to fight and pray and struggle like I do? Why is it that my life has to be difficult when they seem to be walking on clouds? Why?

Then yesterday, in his infinite mercy, God spoke to me. He told me that every trial I have endured, I have been chosen for. Hmmm…chosen. Now that can be considered an honor. It’s kind of like being chosen first to be on a team during recess. You feel kind of good about yourself, right? I don’t know if the same pride wells up in my heart when I realize that God has chosen me to endure yet another trial. I think what it really means is that I have something I need to work on and that’s why God has chosen me. It means that He sees a wrinkle that needs to be ironed out. It means that, much to my dismay, I am not the picture of perfection I thought I was. Hmmm….chosen.

But God is merciful and all He allows me to endure is because of His abundant love for me. To think that an Almighty God chose me, actually fills my heart with joy. To think that God chose me to draw closer to Him is mind-boggling. To think that He chose me to be more like Him. To think that He chose me to spend time with. He chose me…WOW!! I guess I do feel kind of honored to be chosen.


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